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We are located in Westchester County, NY specifically North White Plains, NY and service the following areas and counties:

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  • Ulster
  • Bronx
  • Nassau
  • Suffolk
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We provide services for the following:

  • Homes
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What is Poison ivy?

Poison ivy, a shrub or small tree, grows almost everywhere in America except Hawaii, Alaska, and some parts of the West Coast. Containing a creamy sap, it is a poisonous plant that remains poisonous throughout the year. It is extremely dangerous, as it can cause allergies and/or rashes whether or not you come in contact with it.

Why is a poison ivy removal service necessary?

We’re not talking about a regular, harmless rash that comes and goes away on its own without causing much trouble; a poison ivy rash can get swollen with blisters, and can be itchy and painful oftentimes requiring a visit to the emergency room to alleviate the symptoms. Therefore, to avoid this hazardous plant, it is important to identify if it is growing in your garden and to get it removed by a professional poison ivy removal service in NY.

Poison Ivy Plus is your one stop solution for getting rid of poison ivy infestation and any other invasive plants that are or that can potentially harm both your yard and you/your family/your pets.

One of the best things that makes us the best poison ivy removal service in NY is that our methods are completely green, which means they are completely chemical-free and environment-friendly. Take a look at the list of services we offer and get in touch with us right away:


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