Poison Ivy Removal

You can find smooth glossy leaflets of the dangerous poison ivy plant growing as a small shrub or vine climbing on your poles, trees, or low plants. It changes colour multiple times during a year, but never stops growing or being toxic. We are specialized in its removal because we understand how it becomes, where it grows, the harm it can cause if it remains unremoved, and the proper ways of disposing it off once we have removed it.

For the fact that there are very few companies offering Poison Ivy Removal Services in NY, we know what it takes to suffice you with the Best Poison Ivy Removal Services you can count on. With professionals like us by your side, you can rest assured that you are being catered to by the experts who are not only well-equipped, but are also dedicated to get the job done! We have an organized process to offer Poison Ivy Professional Removal, that starts off with removing the poison ivy using our hands, bagging it or placing it on a tarp (so as to eliminate the possibility of it touching any part of your property again), and adjusting the PH of your soil so that the poisonous bush does not grow back in that designated area again.

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