Out of all the backyard maintenance services, “Mulching” is the one that often gets overlooked. While most homeowners live with a perception that Mulching is merely for visual purposes, what they fail to realize is that the process beholds a myriad of benefits. Known to act as a barrier to numerous destructive elements found in the soil, Mulching helps your backyard’s soil stay healthy. Having several years of experience in successfully offering bespoke mulching services, having the experts at Poison Ivy Plus by your side entitles you to plentiful benefits to keep your backyard healthy!

We Cater To Your Backyard Mulching Needs, Promptly!

Here, at Poison Ivy Plus, we offer thorough mulching services for your backyards and lawns. While we know how crucial Mulching is to maintain a beautiful backyard, our experts are continually strived to offering backyard maintenance services that are certain to get the job done for you! Helping you maintain your backyard's aesthetics by offering a finished look, getting our experts aboard, and knowing why we're the leading industry experts in backyard maintenance!

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