Whether it is spring, summer, or fall, a lush green lawn lures everyone into its mesmerizing beauty! However, to achieve that look throughout the year, watering your backyard is NOT the mere solution. Having a lush green lawn throughout the year requires you to mow it regularly, have it treated for weeds, and, most importantly – keep it well fertilized. While we understand this is too much for you to get done with, hire our experts at Poison Ivy Plus to give your lawn a look it truly deserves!

Know Why Our Fertilizing Services Are The Best!

While you can fertilize your lawn on your own, however, the chances are that you may not do it properly or use the fertilizer that suits your grass type. While this would not only show less fruitful results, it will also leave your grass with patchy spots if not applied evenly. With that said, give yourself peace of mind by hiring our experts to get the job done for you, proficiently!

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